Game cams offer tantalizing glimpses of wildlife on Brush Mountain

Starting late last summer, some of the hunters on the property have been using game cams to better track deer and other wildlife. Game cams are motion-triggered, sturdy, outdoor cameras increasingly popular among outdoors enthusiasts, and sometimes scientists, too. Troy and Paula Scott, Jeff Scott, and Troy Scott Jr. have all been involved in this project, but Paula has been the most persistent. A few days ago, her efforts were rewarded in a big way when a game cam she positioned near a bobcat scat and baited with venison caught a full-grown bobcat in the act at 7:36 AM, 1/21/10.

game-cam bobcat

Another hunter had already seen a bobcat from his tree stand during deer season in December, and we’d seen other sign of it, as mentioned, so this wasn’t a huge surprise, just really nice to document. Another game cam capture from January 18 was a little more surprising because it showed that at least one gray fox is still resident on the mountain. After a rabies epidemic swept through two summers ago, we had our doubts.

game-cam gray fox

We don’t permit any predator hunting or trapping on the property, so the game cams offer a neat way for the hunters to pursue this kind of quarry without harming it — and help document wildlife populations in the process. We’re grateful to Paula and the others for taking the initiative. It also seemed as if they were especially persistent in their deer hunting this year in part because they had a pretty good idea from the cameras of how many bucks and does were present — important knowledge on a year when deer numbers were down generally.

One game cam snapped some cute photos of a black bear cub back on September 15. Here’s the best of them:

game-cam bear cub


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  1. Wow! These are wonderful. But what’s REALLY wonderful is the knowledge that these predators and omnivores are entirely, permanently protected in their homes. Thank you for that, and for the great photos! -chris bolgiano

  2. Dave,
    Our trail cam, actually my next door neighbor’s, caught a nice shot of an adult Bobcat and a very big Coyote both this past year. The kitty (as well as the coyepooch) were less than 80 yards from my back door! I live on the same mountan only a few miles from your place, so it could be the same Bobcat, but I’d rather believe there is more than one. I would post these pictures, if I knew how.


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