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Coyote chorus

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Plummer’s Hollow coyotes are a pretty silent bunch, for some reason, so when I heard them calling tonight around 11:00, I rushed outside with my video camera — my only portable audio recording device — to record what I could. They sounded like they were right above the barn.


Coyote pups

coyote pups

Yesterday morning, Marcia and I had a wonderful sighting of a family of five coyote pups, about half-grown, playing along the Ten Springs Trail. They seemed quite oblivious to us as we watched them from about 100 feet away rolling, jumping, running around, and playing with one another. This went on for 10 or 15 minutes. Then one of the little ones noticed us and approached quite close–less than 50 feet. When their parents came back and realized that humans had been near, they probably moved them to a new den.

This is only the second time we have seen coyote pups on the mountain. The first time was seven years ago, and it was a little later in the summer, so the pups then were a bit larger. Marcia wrote about that encounter in Coyote Birthday.