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A Walk up Plummer’s Hollow

I took my camera for a walk up Plummer’s Hollow Road this morning, starting at the end of the country bridge over the Little Juniata and ending just below the houses, a distance of a mile and a half. View the slideshow or browse through the photoset.


New aerial view of Plummer’s Hollow

Microsoft bird's-eye screenshot

Our neighbor down-ridge toward Altoona, Charlie Hoyer, alterted us to the existence of new aerial photos of the farm and surrounding woods, evidently shot from a low-flying plane in early May, 2008. This is from Microsoft Virtual Earth, and it’s the bird’s-eye views in particular that appear to be new. The regular aerial views appear to be the older USGS photos.

It’s a good thing we’re not paranoid. Now it’s not just Google and the government who are watching us, but Bill Gates, too!