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Another sled ride down the hollow

My sledding video from last winter was such a success, I thought I’d try it again this year. The conditions were pretty icy and scary last winter, so I stopped at the half-way point, not wanting to risk the video camera any farther. (I hold it in my right hand as I ride — this isn’t a helmet cam.) But this winter, given all the wonderful cold weather and regular snow, sledding conditions have been exceptional, and with the January thaw imminent, yesterday afternoon I went ahead and shot this video of a sled ride clear to the bottom, a mile-and-a-half-long run. It isn’t quite non-stop, as you’ll see: there are two places, slight uphills on the way down, where I had to get out and walk for a few yards. The first is the half-way spot where I stopped in last winter’s video.

Since I was on hard-packed snow rather than ice this time, the ride was relatively quiet. It’s the quiet that I love about sledding, as much as the speed, so I decided to dispense with rousing music in the soundtrack and go for straight realism. (Actually, a little less realism might’ve been nice, but unfortunately my camera doesn’t have image stabilization. I also apologize for all the sniffing — but that too is the sound of winter, isn’t it?)

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Sled run

Video link.

The record cold (-5F on Saturday morning*) has keep the snow in excellent condition for sledding. I propped a camcorder on my knee for a fast tour of the upper half of the hollow; as I say at the end of the video, I wasn’t willing to go all the way down to the bottom that way. It gets too steep and fast, and I’m afraid for my expensive new camcorder.
*A couple of friends report temperatures of -16 or -17F at the base of the mountain.