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First trailing arbutus

Trailing arbutusThe first trailing arbutus was in bloom today — just one clump up on Laurel Ridge Trail. This is not quite the first native wildflower: the nondescript Pennsylvania bittercress was in bloom a couple days ago. The unseasonable warmth is bringing out the daffodils at an alarming rate, but a cold snap forecast for later in the week should hold them.

On the wood frog front, two, maybe three wood frogs have been calling in the “pond” in the corner of the field, but we haven’t seen any eggs there yet — possibly just because the surface is covered with duckweed. Up at the vernal ponds, by contrast, we have heard no calling, but Mom discovered one wood frog egg mass on March 29th. Perhaps they only call at night, she says. Also, the depth and murkiness of the water there may be preventing us from spotting additional egg masses. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a late-spring drought doesn’t dry those ponds up again this year.