Announcements for Visitors

This is the notice that appears on the signboard at the bottom of the hollow.

This property is private but it is open for hiking, walking, photography, and bird watching; we hope visitors will appreciate the natural beauty of the hollow as much as we do. Visitors are welcome to take a copy of each of the pamphlets displayed below.

No motorized, wheeled vehicles such as all-terrain 4-wheelers are permitted on this property without permission of the owners. Please use bicycles only on the gravel driveway—they should not be taken elsewhere on the mountain.

Littering completely destroys the natural beauty of the hollow. If you see a bit of litter discarded by a thoughtless person who was here before you, PLEASE pick it up and take it with you or carefully bury it.

Please respect all wildlife and plants in the hollow, and do not disturb anything.

Please respect the privacy of our homes at the top of the hollow. Except for our friends and relatives, whose visits we welcome, we hope others will turn back at the wooden bridge about one mile up the road.

This property is open for hunting by written permission only. Trapping, shooting, and building fires are not permitted.

During the fall hunting seasons, October through January, visitors to the hollow should wear at least some blaze orange for safety.

Please sign the trail register in the box to the right of the signboard and let us know what you have seen on your walk in the hollow.


Bruce Bonta
P.O. Box 68
Tyrone, PA 16686

  1. I grew up in Tyrone and have been to Plummers Hollow many times as a youngster and adult. Seven years ago, when I reached 40, I decided to get back in shape. I used all the mountains in the Tyrone area to do so but I really enjoyed Plummers Hollow most of all. My wife and I hiked your trails many times. My goal was to move to Washington State and climb Mt Rainier. By training on your hills and others in the Tyrone area I was able to fullfill my dream. I have sinced climbed Mt Rainier twice along with many others in the Cascade and Olympic ranges. I just wanted to thank you and your family for allowing people to enjoy your beautiful woods. It’s nice to see people who enjoy nature as much as yourself. I now live in the Cascades but I miss the Mts around Tyrone and try to come home every fall.
    Thanks again,
    Brad & Karen

  2. That’s a wonderful story, Brad. I’m glad to hear that Plummer’s Hollow has meant so much to you, and that you’re still seeking the solace and beauty of the mountains. Thanks for commenting (and sorry it took us so long to answer).

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