The Plummer farm in 1919 (slideshow)

These pictures were taken by an unknown photographer in spring-summer 1919 on the Plummer farm in Plummer’s Hollow, near Tyrone, PA. What we now call the Guest House – the older of the two dwellings on the property – apparently served as a summer home for Jacob and Mollie Plummer, who had a house in Tyrone. Jacob had owned the farm from 1881 to 1892, but then passed it to his brother George, who would’ve owned it at the time these pictures were taken. The Schroyer children featured in these photos were the grandchildren of Jacob and Mollie; their mother was Agnes Plummer, who married Frank Schroyer. My father had these pictures copied from an old family album in the possession of Margaret Schroyer Hess (b. 1914) and her younger sister, Frances Schroyer Briggs (not pictured; b. 1920). The “Aunt Kate” in three of these pictures was Hanna Katharine Plummer Burrowes, sister of Agnes and daughter of Jacob and Mollie. The oldest girl at the children’s picnic may be Phyllis Plummer, daughter of George, who would marry Robert Kenneth Plumb and inherit the farm after her parents’ death in 1938.


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